5 Top Tips - Using Eagles Nest Hammocks

Buying an ENO hammock? Here's how to use it.

Choosing which of the many Eagles Nest hammocks best suits your needs is of course a key decision, but when it comes to staying happy and comfortable outdoors it is not the only factor to consider.

Once you've bought your ENO hammock, there are many tips and tricks you can employ to really get the most from your purchase.

The Top 5 Tips below will help ensure you always stay comfortable, whichever Eagles Nest hammock you chose. From keeping your butt off the ground, to avoiding fiery disasters and saving cash on accessories, there is lots to learn.

Using Eagles Nest Hammocks

1. Accessorize correctly
If you'll be sleeping out overnight then prepare for the weather. If there is any chance of rain, you will need a rain tarp (ENO itself offers four Rain Flys and more expensive Utility Tarps).

2. Get creative to save cash
More tech-savvy accomplished campers and hikers might prefer to save the $20-25 cost of ENO's SlapStraps by creating their own tree connector solution.

A good choice of material is two lengths of strong climbing webbing, which is available from climbing stores and most outdoor retailers.

When you buy this webbing, have a chat with the salesperson (they are often climbers themselves in climbing stores), and ask them to show you how to tie the knots required to attach your hammock to trees.

Alternatively, try this useful video guide:

3.Beware fire
All Eagles Nest hammocks are made from nylon. While this means they're comfortable, light and fold tight, it doesn't mean they are fireproof, so be sure to keep your hammock hung well away from potential campfire flames and sparks.

4. Set it up high
If using ENO's SlapStraps, allow for these to stretch and lengthen a little during the night by hanging your hammock a foot or two higher than you might think. Start the first night by hanging it at chest or even neck height and see how you go from there.

5. Go diagonal
Some ENO hammock owners claim that for optimum comfort it's best to lay slightly diagonally in the hammock bed. Try it - it might work for you too!

Extra Tip (courtesy of Equip 2 Endure):
Attach a short piece of military-style '550' cord to each hammock line (the part between the end of the hammock itself and the carabiner) to drain off rainwater onto the floor instead of into your hammock. For survival situations, you can even have this water drain directly into a bottle or pan for drinking.