Pros and Cons of ENO Hammocks

An online roundup of Eagles Nest customer feedback

If you are considering buying one of the several ENO hammocks available, you might be interested in what existing users of these have to say.

To save you the trouble of Googling for hours and reading reviews online, we have scoured the web for you.

We've read and absorbed Eagles Nest customer feedback from Amazon, YouTube, Buzzilions and numerous blogs to pull together an accurate overview of the user-stated Pros and Cons of ENO's products.

Below is what we found... and the good news is that there are many more pros than cons.


Users of ENO hammocks generally feel very comfortable in their hammocks, with no uncomfortable pressure points pushing into their bodies while they try to sleep and very little chance of flipping out onto the floor. One reviewer even claimed their hammock was the best night's sleep they had ever had camping.

Highly portable
The ability to pack Eagles Nest hammocks very small and the fact they weigh just a few pounds are often mentioned by happy users. Several said they are unlikely to consider "lugging a tent on a hiking trip" ever again.

Thanks to their compact pack size, Eagles Nest products are popular with campers, hikers and also kayakers.

Easy set-up
Many reviewers, and indeed their kids, managed to install their hammocks in just a few minutes, with one SingleNest owner on Amazon commenting, "It's so easy to set up a caveman could do it!".

Quality construction
Many Eagles Nest owners rave about the high build quality of their products - not only the parachute nylon itself but the sailing-strength cord lines and carabiners. (They also rate the strength of ENO's optional SlapStraps.)

Users of both ENO's SingleNest model and its DoubleNest hammock claim these are well sized, with more than enough room to spare.

Quick drying
A great benefit of parachute nylon is that it doesn't take long to dry. ENO owners who have left their hammocks out in the rain say they were dry again by morning.


In cooler climates, users say using an ENO hammock alone can be very chilly, thanks to cool air circulating not only around the body but of course also underneath it. Therefore they recommend adding a bed mat, sleeping bag and camping pillow.

Double trouble
While most users claim the ENO DoubleNest hammock is perfectly fine for two people, a minority do say you must know the other person pretty well, as you can end up pretty squished together.

Color warning
One buyer of a two-tone orange and gray ENO model claimed it was noticeably darker in reality than it appeared on the company's official product images.