Pros And Cons Of Kelsyus Hammocks

A handy overview of existing customer feedback.

Kelsyus hammocks are semi-portable, all-in-one 'hammock and stand' sets that suit lounging at the beach, on a campsite, by the pool, at outdoor events, music festivals and more.

The reputation of Kelsyus' hammocks however, specifically in terms of their durability and build quality, has been mixed to date, with many users reporting problems.

To ensure you make an informed buying choice, read the quick Kelsyus Pros and Cons below. These are based on our extensive online customer research, summing up customer reviews and feedback from sites such as Amazon, specific outdoor equipment sites and numerous individual blogs.



Buyers who weigh less than 180 pounds (82kg) usually report that they feel very comfortable laid in their Kelsyus hammock.


Freestanding hammocks by Kelsyus look stylish and fun. They are typically available in either smart blue or refreshing light green, with mesh versions adding a more sophisticated two-tone effect.

Easy installation

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a Kelsyus hammock is its ease of use. You don't need trees to hang it from, nor special tools or straps to set it up. Simply stretch open the supplied frame, lock into place, then attach the bed section at each end. (See video guide on this page.)



Some users, often those who weigh more than 180lb/82kg, report that the bed's PVC-coated canvas material stretches at the ends, meaning they end up effectively sat on or close to the ground. Others claim the frame itself wasn't strong enough to support them, and that this bent inwards.

These complaints apply particularly (but not exclusively) to the XL version of the company's main 'Kelsyus Portable Hammock' and the mesh version, although the company now claims to have remedied at least the mesh issues (check the latest customer comments on Amazon here and here respectively).


Describe being described as 'portable' hammocks, Kelsyus models are a little too heavy for taking on walks that are much further than from the beach car park to the beach. This is simply due to the weight of their metal frames.

Little swing

Compared to a normal tree-hung hammock, Kelsyus products are not known for their 'swingability', which some buyers find disappointing.


Users report that it really takes some balance to get in and out of a Kelsyus product, with some unlucky loungers having tipped out onto the floor!

Advice: When getting out of a Kelsyus hammock, first turn into a sitting position. Then place one foot under the hammock (inside the frame). Finally push up from this leg into standing position.