Kelsyus Hammock Usability Guide

When (and when not) to use a Kelsyus portable hammock.

Providing you are not too heavy and it therefore supports you fully, a portable Kelsyus hammock can be a wonderful choice for lazy anti-gravity lounging at all kinds of locations and events.

Below are some of the situations a freestanding Kelsyus bed suits, and a couple it definitely doesn't.

Recommended Situations


Quick to set-up and requiring no trees to hang it from, a Kelsyus makes a great quick-pitch bed for your backyard, garden or patio/deck.


Pack a Kelsyus in its stuff sack, pop it in your beach bag or car trunk, and you have a wonderful way to relax without sand going everywhere.

By the pool

What's more comfortable than a plastic or wood sunbed? A freestanding hammock of course.


If you like to pitch a tent in - or roll an RV through - the great outdoors, then a packable Kelsyus could be a nice leisure accessory (but not for overnight sleeping or long treks - they are not suited to this, see below).

Festivals and sports events

If you enjoy your college football from the stadium's parking lot, spending a day at the races, or maybe watching the Superbowl/World Cup in the back yard with your buddies, a hanging bed could be just the place to catch all the action from.


Yes, believe it or not, some Kelsyus hammock owners actually use their beds in the living room, claiming it's a more comfortable option than their actual sofa!

Situations To Avoid

Hiking and on the move

Despite being described by their makers as 'portable' beds, Kelsyus models are not in fact great for hiking with; they are simply too heavy when packed due to their large metal frames.


Finally, while fine for a daytime nap in the sun, Kelsyus products are not recommended for sleeping out under the stars overnight. This is because they don't offer rain tarps (covers) or allow much room for additional sleeping bags, blankets etc.

(For these more serious outdoor activities, consider hammock brands such as ENO, Hennessy and Clark.)