Double hammock over a waterfall?

by Gary

I saw Clark Hammock online and had to look it up... low and behold the same first name as its founder! :-)

Now my question - I want to put a two-person hammock over a waterfall but my trees are kinda far apart. Is that a prob?


Response: Hi Gary, how bizarre you didn't know you are quite a celebrity in the world of hammock camping!

In terms of your question, it really depends exactly how far apart your trees are.

If you were to use fairly standard tree-friendly 'tree straps' with your double hammock (such as ENO's SlapStraps say ), these are usually specified to run to 7 or 8 feet in length for the pair.

Then add to that, obviously, the length of the hammock inbetween and you're looking at 15 or more feet of distance possible between trees.

It's also worth noting however that you can buy longer tree straps from many manufacturers, such as Clark and Hennessy.

I hope that helps. Be careful up there!


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