Customer Feedback On Clark Hammocks

Considering a Clark? Here's what users have to say.

If you run a Google search for Clark hammocks you'll find numerous reviews, articles and customer comments appear.

To save you spending the rest of the day reading through these, we've condensed them into one quick-hit article here.

What we did: we read each online review in full and noted down the writer's key points. We then highlighted the most common comments made across these articles (i.e. those mentioned by several reviewers), and based the info below on these points. We also added any interesting single comments and a useful Clark tip or two.

What Clark Hammock Owners Say:


Owners of Clarks rave about their sleeping comfort. "A night sleeping in the Clark is very comfortable - more comfortable than any night I've ever spent on a Thermarest (bed mat used in tents)," commented one.

Another compared his Clark hammock experience with tent camping, saying that "Unlike with a tent, your back feels great in the morning, you don't slide to one end like sometimes happens in a tent, and there aren't those mystery lumps you find under you after you have gone to bed for the night".

Seating option

Thanks to Clark beds never tipping and because you can zip the inner net back to open the hammock up during the daytime, users like to use their hammock as a seat when relaxing in camp.

Serious space

As you might imagine, the storage pockets a Clark jungle hammock provides are one of their biggest draws.

Customers really appreciate all that handy space, using these under-bed pockets to store extra clothing (which adds insulation too), books, water bottles, rain gear and more.

Users claim the interior mesh pocket meanwhile is the perfect size for holding their LED flashlights, glasses, wallets or other small items.

Bone dry

The ability of a Clark to keep out nasty wet weather is the source of much kudos from hammock reviewers.

One user noted that, "despite its relatively small rain fly, compared to a Hennessy say, a Clark hammock keeps you very dry during rain storms. Because of the silicone coated nylon ends on the netting, you have an extra wall of protection between you and the wind, especially if you can set up with your feet into the wind."


As you might imagine, thanks to Clarks being made from some of the sturdiest nylon material around, their owners really appreciate their sturdiness. We didn't discover any reports of Clark hammocks breaking or the material tearing.

Instead a useful comment worth reporting was a tip: be careful not to catch the inner netting in the bed's zipper.


Our research did not uncover any negative Clark feedback at all. All the feedback we read was positive; everything from the quality of Clark products to their weight, warmth and flexibility.

The only area of real debate regarding Clark products is the question some outdoor lovers pose of whether to opt for a Clark or its nearest outdoor competitor, the equally impressive Hennessy Hammock.