Coleman hammock - does it still exist?

by TC

My friend has a Coleman hammock and raves about it.

Since I like the idea of chilling and swinging too, I thought I would take his advice and buy one too.

The problem however - I don't seem to able to find these online or available to buy from anywhere.

Are these Coleman hammocks still made? Were they discontinued?

If you know, I'd appreciate your advice. Thanks!


Answer: Hi TC. Bad news I'm afraid. The Coleman portable hammock has indeed been discontinued and the company confirmed to us that they have no remaining stock.

(If your friend ever needs spare parts for their hammock however, there are some of these available to order direct from this Coleman hammock page.)

Sorry it's not better news. I suggest you try looking around the sections of this site for more inspiration. If you are on a budget for example, try this cheap hammocks page first.


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